Good Morning
Good Morning

Make showstoppers with 'Break an Egg! The Broadway Cookbook'

"Break an Egg: The Broadway Cookbook" comes out

"Break an Egg: The Broadway Cookbook" comes out Sept. 1. Credit: Insight Editions

Oh, what a beautiful morning for some "Oklahoma!"-inspired tarts.

That's no half-baked notion. In fact, come Sept. 1 you'll be able to whip up more than 50 similar showstoppers courtesy of "Break an Egg! The Broadway Cookbook" from Insight Editions. The book is the brainchild of Tara Theoharis, who pens the Geeky Hostess blog ( and is a self-described "creator of geeky recipes, parties, and products."

It's impossible to know how any of these dishes taste without preparing them, but the titles of the recipes sure are tasty: Officer Krupcakes (inspired by "West Side Story"); Age of Asparagus ("Hair"); Schnitzel With Noodles ("The Sound of Music"), Eggrolls for Mr. Goldstone ("Gypsy") and the aforementioned Laurey's Prize-winning Tarts. The jury's still out on the "Oliver!"-based "Gruel, Glorious Gruel."

Whatever dish you prepare, it's bound to go down better with a My Shot designed for your favorite "Hamilton" character. The Alexander — made up of an ounce of Caribbean rum, a half-ounce of Amaretto, an ounce and a half of black coffee and topped with whipped cream — sounds good about now. Cheers!

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