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'The Creep' crawls into LI

Cover of Dark Horse Comics' "The Creep" which

Cover of Dark Horse Comics' "The Creep" which some scene is set in Long Island, New York. Written by John Arcudi. Credit: Dark Horse Comics

The Creep stalks Long Island.

Or at least rides the Long Island Rail Road out.

Such is the scene in which private detective Oxel Karnhus -- the kind but physically deformed title character of Dark Horse Comics' ironically named miniseries "The Creep" -- travels to Suffolk County to investigate a teen's suicide. In issue #0, which reprints the opening three eight-page chapters from the anthology "Dark Horse Comics Presents" Vol. 2, #11-13 (April-June 2012), we see Oxel on the LIRR and later disembarking at the Copiague station, with plans to later visit his client in Farmingville.

"I have to admit, the oddness of the name Copiague is what got me," says former New Yorker John Arcudi, a writer for Dark Horse, Marvel, Image and DC since the mid-1980s. "Farmingville just happened to be a little farther out in Long Island, away from New York City, and I wanted Stephanie" -- the client, a college girlfriend the detective hasn't seen in 20 years -- "to live that greater distance from Oxel, to symbolize the passage of time and the changes in their lives."

The neo-noir series, drawn by Jonathan Case, will run through issue #4. Arcudi created "The Creep" with late artist Gray Morrow in 1991.

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