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What’s new: Books by Lorrie Moore, Todd S. Purdum and Elaine Castillo

"See What Can Be Done" by Lorrie Moore

"See What Can Be Done" by Lorrie Moore (Knopf, April 2018). Credit: Alfred A. Knopf

SEE WHAT CAN BE DONE: Essays, Criticism, and Commentary, by Lorrie Moore. Better known as a fiction writer (“Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?,” “Birds of America”), Moore is also a crack reviewer and essayist. This collection assembles more than 60 pieces written over three decades; her subjects include Margaret Atwood, Stephen Sondheim, “Friday Night Lights” and Hillary Clinton. (Knopf, $29.95)

SOMETHING WONDERFUL: Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway Revolution, by Todd S. Purdum. If you need proof that Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein wrote top-shelf musical theater, go see the revival of their 1945 “Carousel” on Broadway. Then read this account of the collaboration to learn just how the creators of “Oklahoma!,” “The King and I” and “The Sound of Music” did it. (Henry Holt, $32)

AMERICA IS NOT THE HEART, by Elaine Castillo. Fiction about the Filipino diaspora in America is not exactly abundant. (You can start with books by Jessica Hagedorn and Mia Alvar.) So this debut novel, centered on Hero de Vera, a Filipina rebel who flees to California, is a welcome addition. Hero’s journey of survival and self-discovery brings a family and a community to life. (Viking, $27)

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