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What’s new: Books by Robert Harris, Luke Walters, Helen Ellis

"Dictator" concludes Robert Harris' ancient Rome trilogy. Photo Credit: Knopf

DICTATOR, by Robert Harris. The final volume in Harris’ trilogy of novels set in ancient Rome opens with the great orator Cicero in exile after falling out with Julius Caesar and continues through Caesar’s assassination and the power struggle (Marc Antony vs. Octavian) in his wake. Harris deftly brings his protagonist and the world of ancient Rome to life. (Alfred A. Knopf, $26.95)

NYPD GREEN: An Irish-born Detective’s Twenty Years on the Mean Streets of New York, by Luke Walters. Born and raised in Dublin, the author came to New York at the age of 20 — “on holiday” — and found work as a bartender at Finn McCool’s in Port Washington before obtaining a green card and joining the NYPD for a 20-year career in Narcotics and Homicide. He tells his immigrant tale with gruff charm. (Touchstone, $24.99)

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, by Helen Ellis. The ladies of New York, New Jersey and Atlanta have got some competition in the outrageous entertainment department. This demented and funny story collection by a professional poker player and author turns a gimlet eye on the species of American women with a surfeit of rage, irony and time on their hands. (Doubleday, $24)

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