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Good Afternoon

What’s new: Books from Karen Ellis, David Giffels and Sam Graham-Felsen

"Green" by Sam Graham-Felsen

"Green" by Sam Graham-Felsen Credit: Random House

A MAP OF THE DARK, by Karen Ellis. The first book in a new series, written under a pseudonym by crime writer Katia Lief, features FBI agent Elsa Mayers. She is called from her father’s deathbed to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl in Forest Hills, Queens — and she suspects a serial killer may be at work. (Mulholland Books, $26)

FURNISHING ETERNITY: A Father, a Son, a Coffin, and a Measure of Life, by David Giffels. Building a coffin for oneself is not at the top of many to-do lists. But the middle-aged author decided to do just that — and enlist the help of his 81-year-old father, an amateur Ohio woodworker. The project — and the book — become a meditation on life, loss, grief and legacy. (Scribner, $24)

GREEN, by Sam Graham-Felsen. This debut novel is narrated by David Greenfield, one of the few white kids at Boston’s Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in 1992. Dave is pretty much an outsider — until he is befriended by Marlon Wellings, a geeky Celtics fan from the projects. But can their interracial friendship survive social pressures and Dave’s own unexamined white privilege? (Random House, $27)

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