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What’s new: Josh Green on Steve Bannon, Michael Connelly’s female detective, Sujatha Gidla’s Indian family history

"Devil's Bargain" by Joshua Green.

"Devil's Bargain" by Joshua Green. Credit: Penguin Press

DEVIL’S BARGAIN: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency, by Joshua Green. The author, a correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek, first met Bannon — now White House chief strategist — at a screening of the latter’s 2011 film about Sarah Palin. Here he looks at the background and the beliefs of the man who, he argues, got Trump to the White House. (Penguin Press, $27)


THE LATE SHOW, by Michael Connelly. The creator of Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller is back with a new series character, LAPD detective Reneé Ballard. After filing a sexual harassment suit against her supervisor, Ballard has been relegated to the night shift, turning her cases over to the day shift to be solved — until the deaths of a prostitute and a waitress consume her round the clock. (Little, Brown; $28)


ANTS AMONG ELEPHANTS: An Untouchable Family and the Making of Modern India, by Sujatha Gidla. Born in India, and now working as a conductor for the New York City MTA, the author recounts her extraordinary family history. Born Untouchables — the lowest of the low in India’s caste system — they were educated by Canadian missionaries and caught up in the nation’s political struggles of the 20th century. (FSG, $28)

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