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What’s new: Julian Fellowes’ ‘Belgravia,’ plus a Zika explainer

"Belgravia" by Julian Fellowes.

"Belgravia" by Julian Fellowes. Credit: Grand Central

JONATHAN UNLEASHED, by Meg Rosoff. Canine characters are taking a starring role in this summer’s fiction. A dachshund with a tumor tugged at heartstrings in Steven Rowley’s “Lily and the Octopus,” and now the tag team of a border collie named Dante and a cocker spaniel named Sissy help a young New Yorker get his life on track in this novel by the YA author. (Viking, $25)

ZIKA: The Emerging Epidemic, by Donald G. McNeil Jr. A New York Times science reporter delivers a timely, readable volume about the mosquito-borne virus that has led to cases of microcephaly — babies with small heads and brain damage born to infected mothers. McNeil examines the facts and the fears about the disease and speculates about its future course. (W.W. Norton & Company, $14.95 paper)

BELGRAVIA, by Julian Fellowes. “Downton Abbey” may be over (stiff upper lip, Downtonians), but its creator has been busy — adapting Trollope for TV and now publishing this novel. “Belgravia” opens at a ball on the eve of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo, and follows a nouveau riche family — suppliers to the Duke of Wellington — into British high society. (Grand Central, $27)

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