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What’s new: Books by George Dohrmann, Lauren Slater and Anjali Sachdeva

"Superfans" by George Dohrmann.

"Superfans" by George Dohrmann. Credit: Ballantine

SUPERFANS: Into the Heart of Obsessive Sports Fandom, by George Dohrmann. Do you like the Islanders? Or do you live for them? If your answer is the latter, you may be a superfan — the kind profiled by Dohrmann, an editor at The Athletic, in this lively, and sympathetic, account of the men and women who paint their faces, wear crazy costumes and make regular calls to sports radio shows. (Ballantine, $27)

BLUE DREAMS: The Science and the Story of the Drugs That Changed Our Minds, by Lauren Slater. “When you take a psychiatric drug, you do so on faith,” writes the author of “The Prozac Diary.” Slater has taken many over 35 years — Effexor, Zyprexa, Klonopin, etc. — and in this engagingly personal book, she explores the success and the side effects they engender. (Little, Brown; $28)

ALL THE NAMES THEY USED FOR GOD, by Anjali Sachdeva. This debut story collection is both wide-ranging and wildly imaginative. “All the Names for God” follows two Nigerian girls after the Boko Haram kidnapping; “Pleiades” charts the fate of genetically modified septuplets; “Robert Greenman and the Mermaid” is about a fisherman who nets — well, just read it and see. (Spiegel & Grau, $26)

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