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Buttafuoco says Mary Jo's book has "many inaccuracies"

Joey Buttafuoco has read Mary Jo's book. Three weeks ago, she mailed him a copy, with an inscription: "I wish you peace and happiness - Mary Jo."

Buttafuoco, 53, declined an interview about his ex-wife's assertions, saying only that the book includes "some truths . . . and many, many, many inaccuracies." He also said that he planned his own book as a response.

Joe - in conversation, he introduces himself as Joe, not "Joey" - is remarried and occasionally puts in time working at a friend's custom hot-rod-building shop in Chatsworth, Calif. Second wife Evanka works at an auto-repair shop.

When Mary Jo began writing her book, she and her co-author sat down with Joe to prepare him for what was to come. As Mary Jo recalls the meeting, she told him, "Joe, you're a sociopath." He laughed, and replied: "Oh, so that's what my problem is?"

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