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Inaugural ball showstoppers: J.Lo and Marc Anthony smooch, Beyonce croons

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez smooched, Beyonce crooned, and it seemed as if President Barack Obama's inaugural balls drew everyone who's anyone in Hollywood to DC last night. ( Click here for photos from the Obama inaugural balls )

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez shook off rumors of trouble intheir relationship with a public display of affection at theWestern Ball. For his last number, Anthony thrilled the crowd byinviting his wife to sing with him -- and got a kiss from her on thelips.

Beyonce sang Etta James' "At Last" to President Obama at the first ball of thenight as part of a star-studded lineup that aired on ABC with

Jay-Z,, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Shakira, Sting, FaithHill, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder and Maroon 5.

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Sheryl Crow said at the Midwestern Ball that she couldn't remember thelast time she played a gig in a dress and heels.

"I'm doing it for the new president. Just my way of serving mycountry," she said.

At the Mid-Atlantic Ball, Wyclef Jean got many of the 7,000 guests toswing their tux jackets in the air to show their support for Obamaas part of a raucous 30-minute set. The crowd also grouped later tomusic from "The Dead" -- the band including members who used toperform with "The Grateful Dead."

Jon Bon Jovi performed at the Commander in Chief Ball for themilitary, playing an acoustic version of "Who Says You Can't GoHome?"

But it was the Obamas, following Kid Rock and Kanye West, whogot the real rock-star reception at the Youth Inaugural Ball. Theyentered a hotel ballroom to deafening cheers from the mostly20-something crowd.

Earlier in the day, plenty of the stars showed up for theswearing-in. Jay-Z was there with wife Beyonce. Smokey Robinson,Diddy and Denzel Washington made it, too. Bruce Springsteen wasthere with his wife, not far from Christopher Guest and Jamie LeeCurtis.

Boxing great Muhammad Ali had a seat on the platform, as didactor John Cusack and director Steven Spielberg. Leonardo DiCapriowhipped out his own camera, while Magic Johnson and actor ValKilmer patiently posed for photographs with fans.

Stevie Wonder went with his wife, fashion designer Kai Milla,who grew up in Washington.

"There was a connection from one stranger to another strangerat the swearing-in," Milla said. "There's a young energy in theair."

Elsewhere, stars stayed warm at private events like those heldby the lobbying firm the BGR Group, which represents the CreativeCoalition, an advocacy group for artists.

Among those attending were the actress Susan Sarandon and herdirector partner, Tim Robbins, and actress Anne Hathaway.

Will these stars stick around for the hard work Obama facesahead? Crow joked that she had had a sit-down conversation withObama about being a musician or secretary of state. She said shetold him she'd stick with what she does best.

- Click here for photos from the Obama inaugal balls

- Click here to see all the celebrities at the Obama inauguration


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