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Celebrities boogie at post-Globes parties

Celebrities flocked to several soirees following the Golden Globes awards ceremony Sunday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Booze flowed, comfort food was served, and guests boogied until midnight.

Quentin Tarantino playfully swayed to the music at The Weinstein Co. party at Bar 210, as Diane Kruger, one of the stars of his Globe-nominated World War II drama "Inglourious Basterds," stood nearby, The Associated Press reports.

At the party hosted by NBC, Universal Pictures and Focus Features, a DJ spun disco and funk tunes as guests shimmied.

Downstairs, HBO's annual bash at Circa 55 restaurant was swamped soon after the awards ceremony ended. Stars from "Big Love" and "Entourage" piled their plates with whitefish, potatoes stuffed with cheese and roasted vegetables.

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