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Father of LI's Amy Schumer hospitalized

Amy Schumer let fans know, in typically humorous

Amy Schumer let fans know, in typically humorous fashion, that her father was in the hospital. Credit: Getty Images/Steven Ferdman

Rockville Centre-raised comedy star Amy Schumer said Monday that her father, Gordon Schumer, has been hospitalized for an unspecified reason — although, true to the comic's form, she revealed it lightheartedly.

"I have terrible news," the comedian, 39, wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of her pandemic-masked face, with Gordon Schumer, 70, looking up from a hospital bed, smiling wanly.

"My father was in an unfortunate magician sawing accident," Amy Schumer riffed, alluding to the classic stage-illusionist routine of sawing a boxed person in half. "He has a good spirit through it all," she continued, "and we're still hoping the magician will turn back up."

Supportive comments came from a swath of celebrities, including Olympic gold medalist skier Lindsey Vonn, models Naomi Campbell and Ashley Graham, fashionista and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, and actress Taryn Manning. A message from fellow comedian Nick Kroll assured, "I have the bottom half. What's it worth to you?"

While the "Trainwreck" and "Amy Schumer Learns to Cook" star did not reveal a cause, her father has suffered from multiple sclerosis since Amy was either 9, according to The New York Times, or 12, the comedian told Barbara Walters in 2015. (The discrepancy could be from uncertain memory or possibly the time from initial diagnosis to full-blown symptoms.)

Until then, Amy Schumer, who was born in Manhattan to mom Sandra and baby furniture company owner Gordon, had lived a well-to-do life. Afterward, her family filed for bankruptcy and moved to Rockville Centre, where her parents divorced and Schumer attended South Side High School, graduating in 1999.

In December 2016, the Emmy Award-winning "Inside Amy Schumer" star announced she had bought back the farm that her family had lost to bankruptcy when she was a child. Posting an Instagram video of her young self, she wrote, "Video from the farm when I was running away in the cornfield and my dad was taunting me because I wanted him to come with me. We lost the farm when we lost everything else. But today I got to buy it back for him." She did not identify the locale.

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