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Amy Schumer opens up about her newly married life

Amy Schumer attends a special screening of

Amy Schumer attends a special screening of "Snatched" in Manhattan on May 2, 2017. Credit: AP / Invision / Evan Agostini

Comedy star Amy Schumer has spoken publicly for the first time about married life, during a phone-in to the new SiriusXM Comedy Central Radio show “You Up with Nikki Glaser.”

“You’re a wife,” stand-up comic Glaser told Schumer, a close friend, on the 3 to 5 a.m. program Monday.

“I’m a wife as hell!” Rockville Centre-raised Schumer responded proudly. When Glaser -- who attended Schumer and celebrity chef Chris Fischer’s wedding on Feb. 13 -- asked if Fischer calls her “my wife,” Schumer replied, “Yeah, but it’s still, like, a novelty. Y’know, like, somebody went to sit next to him and he’s like, ‘My wife is sitting here,’ and then I got back and he was excited to tell me that he had said that.”

She joked about the carefree nature of their relationship, noting that Fischer, who lives on a working farm in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, “is from the woods. Like, he’ll just blow his nose in, like, a shirt or something. I’m, like, ‘Will you marry me?’ “ Schumer says, laughing. “And now it’s, like, over already, we’re married. It feels [expletive] good.”

Schumer also talked about playing pranks on him. “He was really excited to eat these pancakes in New Orleans,” she told Glaser. “And they would put down a pancake in front of him and when he would look away I would just throw it against the floor. Because I was just, like, ‘He was too excited about these pancakes. I’d better ruin this meal for him!’ “ She added, “I just annoy him all day. I’ll be like, ‘Do you want to play a game?’ and he’s like, ‘What?’ And I’m like, ‘Guess how many times I sneezed today?’ And that’ll be the game. And then he’ll be like, ‘Three.’ And I’ll be like, ‘I don’t remember.’ “

Fischer, she said, takes it in stride. “He’s like, ‘I’m spending my life with this worthless monster?’ “

Over the weekend, Schumer had joked on Instagram about her new marriage.

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