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Another 'Spider-Man' musical star injured

Another star has been hobbled by "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark." T.V. Carpio, who plays the villainous Arachne, suffered an undisclosed injury during last Wednesday's matinee and will be out of the show for an additional two weeks.

Carpio had replaced Natalie Mendoza as Arachne Dec. 24 when Mendoza left the show with a concussion.

Rick Miramontez, spokesman for the $65-million-plus mega-musical, declined to specify the nature of Carpio's injury, except to say that it happened during an "onstage battle scene with a fellow actor" and that she is out "on doctor's orders."

Adam Kersh, Carpio's press agent, also would not talk about the injury. ( reported the injury was whiplash.)

Carpio's is the show's fifth recorded injury.

America Olivo, who understudied Mendoza until Carpio was given the role, is again filling in as the mythical spider-woman.

It is believed that the character, an invention of ousted director Julie Taymor, will shrink when the new creative team revises the troubled show. Taymor officially left the day-to-day work on the show March 15.

The producers also declined to confirm speculation that choreographer Daniel Ezralow, who designed both the dance and the flying, is being replaced by Chase Brock, a relatively inexperienced choreographer who was involved with a Nintendo video game, "Dance on Broadway."

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