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Beyoncé's lip-syncing: Why do we care?

Beyonce performs the national anthem at the ceremonial

Beyonce performs the national anthem at the ceremonial swearing-in at the U.S. Capitol during the 57th Presidential Inauguration in Washington. (Jan. 21, 2013) Credit: AP

There is one thing we know for sure about "Beyoncé-gate" It's ridiculous.

Yes, the U.S. Marine Band didn't play their instruments during the "Single Ladies" superstar's performance of the "Star-Spangled Banner" during President Barack Obama's second inauguration on Monday. And yes, Beyoncé's powerful, emotional vocal performance may or may not have been done live. But why does it matter?

For some insight into why Mrs. Knowles-Carter may have decided to lip-sync the national anthem, go outside and talk loudly for two minutes. Does your throat feel a little rough? Was it tough to get all your words out clearly?

Now imagine you had to sing a difficult song as part of history, while the world watched. Imagine you had to do it knowing many were ready to criticize you for any misstep -- the same people criticizing Beyoncé now for lip-syncing, even though it's still not clear that she did, using her alleged actions as yet another slam of the Obama administration. If she did lip sync, unlike Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor who chose to sing live, her decision is understandable.

That's not to say it's necessarily the smartest one. If Beyoncé did lip-sync, she missed an opportunity to shut down a lot of her detractors, especially as her Super Bowl halftime show appearance nears. She lost a chance to show how powerful her voice can be, something Clarkson got to prove.

However, it was her decision to make. And, in the grand scope of the Obama inauguration, it's not a major one. For it to overshadow everything else that happened on Monday, including the president's speech outlining what he wants to accomplish in the next four years, is embarrassing and, yes, ridiculous. There are real problems in the world. Beyoncé lip-syncing isn't one of them.

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