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LI's Billy Crystal has a high old time while undergoing an MRI

Billy Crystal says he ate cannabis gummies

 Billy Crystal says he ate cannabis gummies in order to relax enough to undergo an MRI recently. Credit: Getty Images for SiriusxM / Vivien Killilea

Long Beach native Billy Crystal described his recent experience with edible marijuana gummies and a subsequent culinary hankering on Wednesday's edition of NBC's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

"I've been working out as much as I can," the 73-year-old comedy star said via remote video, "so I did something with my right hip. So it was just a strange pain, so I was worried, because I don't want to join that 'yeah, I got a new hip' club. So the doctor says, 'Listen, I think the best thing is to put you in the MRI tube, and, you know, let's take a good look at your soft tissue.' So I said, 'Fine, but I'm 73, so everything is soft at this point."

After describing putting on a hospital gown and all the other usual preparation for patients placed inside a magnetic resonance imaging chamber — in which a magnetic field together with radio-frequency currents painlessly creates images of designated areas in a procedure lasting 15 to 90 minutes — Crystal revealed and then riffed, "I'm very claustrophobic — which is why I was [ born] a month premature."

He went on to say, "I'm really nervous, so to make a long story short, when I was alone I swallowed four [marijuana] edibles [in standard gummy-candy form] ... Because the guy at the cannabis place said — because there's a section for seniors, you know — so he said, 'Two will make you feel good.' So I said, 'Well, I really want to feel fabulous.' So he said to have four. … So I swallowed the four" and got onto the movable platform that placed him inside machine's open-ended tube.

Saying he put on headsets to help drown out the typically loud noise of the machine — choosing the late jazz pianist Bill Evans — Crystal added, "They give you this thing to squeeze so in case you get into trouble, you just squeeze it and ... [the radiologist] says, 'What can I do and I'll get you out of there,' right? So about a half-hour in I got really hungry" — a classic indicator of what pot-smokers call "the munchies."

"And so I squeeze the thing, [and] he goes, 'Are you OK, Mr. Crystal?' I said, 'Yeah, yeah. Is there a Taco Bell, like, nearby?' He said no. OK, all right, all right. Now 40 minutes in I squeezed it again, and he goes, 'You OK?' 'Yeah, yeah. I'm thinking if Postmates, would they deliver? … I'm thinking gumbo or Nutella French toast. Something like that."

No such food delivery was arranged, and the six-time Emmy Award winner says he nodded off. Then after the MRI was concluded, "They take me out and I walk out of the building and someone says, 'Um, sir, you're still in your gown. And your ... [rear end] is hanging out.' I said, 'Oh, geez.' So," he added, laughing, "I come back in, I got dressed and I went to a Taco Bell and had a Nacho Fry Box."

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