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Bonnie Fuller: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry should make up

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry -- you need to retract your claws and kiss and make up. America's pop princesses should support each other! Taylor and Katy, it's hard enough for any woman to make it to the top in the entertainment world -- or in any business field. The last thing you two should be doing is throwing shade at one another. But that's exactly what each of you has appeared to do. Taylor, you started it. In your new cover interview in Rolling Stone, you admitted that you were referencing another female singer in "Bad Blood," featured on your upcoming album, "1989. Now Taylor, you really aren't following your new "shake it off" philosophy here! -- Bonnie FullerBonnie Fuller is president and editor-in-chief of and the former editor of Star, Us Weekly, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines.Baby talk

North West is already talking at just 15 months! On Tuesday, her proud mama, Kim, spoke to Ellen DeGeneres all about how little Nori is such a polite baby girl. "She is so sweet, and she's so polite, she says 'please' and 'thank you' and she nods her head and she just goes 'ta-ta' and that's her 'thank you,' " Kim explained.

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