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Britney Spears' video 'Hold It Against Me' debuts

Britney Spears performs in her new music video

Britney Spears performs in her new music video "Hold It Against Me." Credit:

Britney Spears unleashes a whole lot of armchair analysis in her new video "Hold It Against Me," which world premiered on MTV Thursday night.

White-clad Britney, in a giant Madonna-like dress, dominates the first part of the video, but black-clad Britney comes out victorious in the end, after an epic Britney vs. Britney kickboxing battle in stilettos ends. Does that mean what we think it means?

For those looking for a whole new world - like those previously created by the clip's director Jonas Akerlund in Lady Gaga's "Telephone" and Madonna's Grammy-winning "Ray of Light" - may be disappointed, but "Hold It Against Me" is visually stunning, with its pounding choreography and phalanx of underwear-clad dancers.

It matches the mood of "Hold It Against Me," the upbeat, but kind of safe first single that has already hit No. 1, from her forthcoming "Femme Fatale" album, due March 29.

Whether it was worth the weeks of buzz surrounding the video, which Spears has been revealing in brief snippets daily at various websites, will be up to her legions of fans.

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