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Carly Rose Sonenclar of Mamaroneck on life after 'X Factor'

"The X Factor" contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar hails from Mamaroneck. She started singing at age 2 and began her entertainment career in 2006. Photo Credit: Fox

Hundreds of Carly Rose Sonenclar fans, or "Carly's Angels," flooded the streets of Mamaroneck Sunday for a parade staged in honor of the Mamaroneck teen after her amazing run on this season of "The X Factor."

Fans followed her as she rode down Mamaroneck Avenue in a black convertible alongside Mayor Norman Rosenblum. At the sight of Carly Rose, the crowd erupted with applause and chants such as, "We love you, Carly," "Sing, sing" and, "You're perfect."

After the parade, Newsday Westchester caught up with Carly Rose at Molly Spillane's to get the lowdown on what's next for the young singing sensation.

How are you feeling right now?

"I feel great! This is so exciting. It's awesome to see people here supporting me."

How are you adjusting to life after "The X Factor"?

"Slowly. It's definitely a big adjustment. But it's nice to see everybody again after that crazy experience, and I think I'm just starting to figure out what I'm going to do next."

What's the best part of returning home to Westchester?

"I think seeing my friends and family that I didn't see at the show. I think that's the best part because I know while I was there I was being supported by friends and stuff, so it's nice to see them."

And your fans launched a Twitter campaign to land you a spot on "Ellen." What's that mean to you?

"That's so cool! I would love to be on 'Ellen.' They're just really dedicated and supportive, and the fact that they care so much and want me to be able to do that is amazing, and I appreciate that. That's really cool."

Have you heard from the show yet?

"From 'Ellen'? No. I hope I do. That would be cool."

You had a lot of memorable performances on "The X Factor." What was your favorite song that you performed?

"I honestly could not tell you. I have no idea. They were all really, really fun and just kind of different. But each one was really exciting for me."

So Britney Spears isn't returning for the next season of "The X Factor," but what was she like as a mentor?

"She was amazing. She was so down-to-earth, and nice and sweet. Very humble and just really nice."

After experiencing success on "The X Factor," what are your hopes for your entertainment career going forward?

"I'm hoping that I can continue in music and start to put out music that I'm really proud of and do a lot of acting and maybe do a movie. I don't know. That'll be fun for me."

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