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Celebrities tweet about Amanda Knox

Actor Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live creator/producer

Actor Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live creator/producer Lorne Michaels attend the 2011 New York City Ballet Fall Gala at the David Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center in Manhattan. (Sept. 22, 2011) Photo Credit: Getty Images

After the announcement that Amanda Knox would walk free, Twitter exploded with reactions from news-watchers all over the world, and celebrities didn't hesitate to jump into the conversation and share their thoughts.

Jill Zarin:
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jill Zarin: "My heart goes out to the family of Meredith Kercher"

Alec Baldwin:
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Alec Baldwin: "Re: Amanda Knox... I find it nearly impossible to comment on verdicts in such cases, as I did not sit on the jury, hear evidence."

Prince Harry:
Photo Credit: AP

Prince Harry: "It would have been nice of Amanda #Knox 's sister to mention the Kercher family in her statement. #sickandwrong"

Melissa Joan Hart:
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Melissa Joan Hart: "OK, I'm seeing there is a BIG difference of opinion btwn US & UK sentiment on Amanda Knox trial. We are probably all getting fed diff stories!"

Nancy Grace:
Photo Credit: AP

Nancy Grace: "Amanda Knox guilty verdict OVERTURNED. Wow. What do you guys think about this? #HLN live right now."

Nick Lachey:
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nick Lachey: "Congratulations to amanda knox and the knox family for the overturning of her guilty verdict in italy. What a relief it must be for them!!"

Olivia Munn:
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Olivia Munn: "Amanda Knox was just freed!!!"

David Spade:
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David Spade: "This amanda knox thing is unsettling. Let's get her out of jail and into maxim as soon as possible. #letsgoitaly"

Kyle Richards:
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Kyle Richards: "So happy Amanda Knox is free. My heart goes out to her, her family and Meredith Kercher's family"

Brody Jenner:
Photo Credit: Ellen Watson

Brody Jenner: "Wow Amanda knox found not guilty? I am shocked.. What do u guys think?"
"For all who are making opinions ... I just said I was shocked. I did not say I agree or disagree with the verdict. Wanted to get your thoughts"

Carson Daly:
Photo Credit: AP

Carson Daly: "Now reading : Amanda Knox acquitted of murder"

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