Charlie Sheen Monday blasted CBS and "Two and a Half Men" producer Warner Bros. in four TV and online interviews in which he threatened to sue for lost wages with "zeal and focus and violent hatred."

The often bizarre onslaught played out first on "Today," where he told correspondent Jeff Rossen that he was at war with "fools and trolls [who] will allow defeat to be an option - I will not." Later in the day, he told's Mike Walters that his anger is "the rocket fuel that lives on the tip of my saber. You guys want war? It's on."

He even dropped an unbleeped expletive on "Piers Morgan Tonight."

In an interview airing Tuesday night on "20/20" that was excerpted Monday on "Good Morning America," Sheen told reporter Andrea Canning that he planned to sue for "tons. I'm here to collect and they're gonna lose. I'd recommend they pay out of court." The TMZ interview had an immediate backlash when his longtime publicist Stan Rosenfield said he had resigned. (Sheen later told TMZ that he fired Rosenfield.) Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Monday confirmed that it had received a letter from Sheen attorney Martin Singer threatening legal action if the actor doesn't recover lost wages from the remaining eight episodes that have been canceled.

"My client is clean and sober and has passed every drug test requested," Singer wrote, according to copies distributed to the media. Both CBS and Warner Bros. declined to comment on yesterday's barrage.

CBS canceled production of the show's final eight episodes last week following contentious remarks Sheen made about show creator Chuck Lorre.

Viewers who sat through all three interviews, in fact, witnessed various refractions of Sheen's TV character Charlie Harper - full of self-pity, narcissism and barely disguised loathing for targets large and small.

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Did Sheen commit career suicide Monday? Not necessarily: Bob Gumer, a veteran agent and adjunct professor of law at Pepperdine University, said in an interview, "Sheen seems like he's off his rocker, but we've seen situations where people have been off their rocker" followed by career rehab.

Possible replacements for Sheen?

Could John Stamos replace Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men?"

That rumor - which has been percolating since Sheen's dispute with CBS heated up - was given new credence Monday when E! Online reported CBS chief Les Moonves had talked to Stamos at a Beverly Hills benefit Saturday. But no reason to stop at Stamos - who denied he was in the running via a tweet last week. There are many out there who if called upon may serve. Possibilities? Some of Verne Gay's suggestions . . .


The "Iron Man" star has been one of those reported-and-rumored candidates, but this could be and probably is fiction. Nevertheless, an inspired choice.


Forget Stamos! Go with Amos! The veteran actor ("The West Wing") played a gay character last season. Yes, this would be - as we say in the trade - a radical departure.


Ah, Charlie Harper's long lost brother actually turns out to be Charlie Sheen's brother. (Estevez appeared briefly before, as a drinking pal of Harper's.)

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Funny guy, as his "Parks & Recreation" run has proved. But the show would turn into something else.