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Chris Brown and Drake: Are they feuding again?

Chris Brown and Drake's short-lived bromance may be over before it even really started. Brown posted a new Instagram video that is a clear diss to his fellow rapper, Drake, where he makes fun of his song, "0-100 (Real Quick)." Brown, 25, and Drake, 27, had shocked observers when they were spotted in the studio together on July 11. The two had been in a long-standing feud since their infamous club brawl back in 2012. It seemed like the two had buried the hatchet when Brown joined Drake on stage at the ESPY Awards July 16 for a skit making fun of their feud. In Brown's Instagram video, posted Sunday on the chrisbrownofficial account, he is seen poking fun of Drake's popular song. Brown sings the lyric using a very theatrical voice while holding the camera extremely close to his face. Brown may just be poking fun at Drake -- but it certainly seems like this feud is back on after all.

No 'Fault' in close co-stars

How do you explain the crazy chemistry between 'The Fault in Our Stars' co-stars Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley? "We really like each other," Elgort, 20, told at the Young Hollywood Awards on Sunday. The pair won an award for "Best On-Screen Couple" at the ceremony. But we always wondered how close the two actors are off-screen. When asked if he and Woodley, 22, ever turn to each other for advice, Elgort said, "Totally! Yeah, we talk to each other about personal stuff. We're close."

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