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Chris Cuomo tests negative for coronavirus

CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo announced on his

CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo announced on his show Monday night that he has tested negative for COVID-19. Credit: Invision / AP / Evan Agostini

On his CNN news-analysis show Monday night, Chris Cuomo spoke of developing antibodies following his recent bout with COVID-19, and said that he will supply blood samples to scientists trying to develop a vaccine.

Cuomo, 49, told guest Dr. Sanjay Gupta that after testing negative for the virus, "I have both antibodies: the short-term one and the long-term one. So I'm lucky, right? Or not. Why do we question it now? Well, the World Health Organization issued a warning saying … we don't know what the antibodies mean, if they mean anything."

To help researchers answer that question, Cuomo has agreed to a request to donate blood "next week. I have never given blood in my life and we both know why — it's because I'm a wuss. But I am going to do it … I'm going to give it to them because that is the best thing I've heard of so far in terms of what I can do to help as someone who was sick."

Actor Tom Hanks and his singer-actress wife, Rita Wilson, who have also recovered from COVID-19, have said they, too, are donating antibody-rich blood to researchers.

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