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Christian Bale to George Clooney: 'Stop whining' about paparazzi, privacy

Christian Bale arrives at the Oscars on Sunday,

Christian Bale arrives at the Oscars on Sunday, March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Credit: AP

Christian Bale appeared to criticize George Clooney Monday for the way his fellow Academy Award-winner handles the pressure of paparazzi.

In The Wall Street Journal's magazine, WSJ., Bale responds to the interviewer bringing up Clooney, 53, "railing about tabloids and privacy."

"I know, but it's boring, isn't it?" Bale, 40, replies. "You know what I mean? It doesn't matter that he talks about it. It's like, come on, guys, just shut up," he says, using the plural to refer to actors and others in the public eye in general. "Just get on with it and live your lives and stop whining about it. I prefer not to whine about it."

Clooney's spokesman did not respond to a Newsday request for comment.

Earlier in the interview, Bale had accused a paparazzo of verbally abusing his wife of nearly 15 years, Sibi. "There would be a man who stood outside of the hotel, and he would say the most obscene things imaginable to my wife." Finally, one day, "I go after him, and he gets all these shots of me coming after him. . . . He gets exactly what he wants, smiles and walks off. . . . But in my mind, I had no other choice. How could I sit back and accept somebody talking that way to my wife? I couldn't. I just couldn't do it."

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