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Daniel Radcliffe tries, fails as receptionist at Nylon magazine

Daniel Radcliffe tried to be the receptionist at

Daniel Radcliffe tried to be the receptionist at Nylon for an hour and found out that desk jobs aren't for everyone. Credit: YouTube / NYLON

He may be cut out to defend the wizarding world from evil, but Daniel Radcliffe shouldn't list "receptionist" on his resume any time soon.

Nylon magazine asked the "Harry Potter" actor to sit at the front desk of its Manhattan office for an hour, while hidden cameras captured his struggling attempt at being its receptionist.

"It's gonna be rough," Radcliffe said to Nylon's real receptionist after hearing her three main rules:

"Always turn on the Nylon sign, make sure that the newest issue is out, and make sure that you're constantly smiling."

Without warning the staff, Radcliffe took his seat and waited for his first task, which turned out to be to take selfies with many, many Nylon employees.

 "I'm preparing for my next role at the moment," he told the swooning fans, who were shocked by his presence.

But he was quickly swamped with deliveries, visitors and questions he couldn't answer.

"Unless you like need a bathroom key you're pretty much out of options," he said.

It wasn't long before he was ready to crack.

"I'm struggling with the pressure. I'm cracking already. It's not been good."

Even Joe Jonas stopped by the Nylon office to give Radcliffe some trouble. The singer came in for an appointment and pretended not to recognize him.

"This new guy sucks," Jonas said when he was forced to wait a bit too long for his liking. "I didn't go too easy on him," he later wrote on Facebook.

After his Nylon experience, Radcliffe probably doesn't plan on getting a desk job any time soon.

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