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Demi Lovato poses nude, makeup-free in Vanity Fair

Demi Lovato posed nude and makeup-free in Vanity

Demi Lovato posed nude and makeup-free in Vanity Fair. Credit: Vanity Fair

Since entering rehab in 2010 Demi Lovato has been extremely open about her struggles with eating disorders, depression and body image issues. The "Skyscraper" singer seems to be putting all that behind her, as she poses in what Vanity Fair is calling a "spontaneous, nude, makeup-free" photo shoot.

Photos from the shoot were released on Friday and instantly took the Internet by storm. It's the first time Lovato has stripped down in a magazine.

Her choice to pose nude most likely doesn't mean she's about to fly off the deep end. Lovato explains she made the decision for an empowering reason.

"The reason I wanted to do this photo shoot," a makeup-free Lovato says in a Vanity Fair video promo, "was because when I... when I think of confident, I think of many things, but one thing in particular is feeling comfortable in your own skin."

She had only three rules before the shoot: "no makeup, no clothes, no retouching."

The photos show Lovato posing in the shower, on the edge of a bathtub and lounging in bed - areas that may represent where one is truly free to be themself.

But Lovato is actually no stranger to "nude" makeup photos. She encourages her fans to participate in No Makeup Mondays (#NMM) on Instagram to show off their inner beauty. She also posts photos without her hair and makeup done often.

 Lovatics have watched the singer's recovery bring her to a place of confidence.

"I would have never thought that I would have ever gotten to a place in my life where I could feel comfortable doing [this]," Lovato said. "It's empowering." 

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