Are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively husband and wife?

A reference in a Bedford police report had gossip hounds barking Saturday -- but there's no confirmation the "it" couple have tied the knot, and a law enforcement source confirms that an officer's assumption may be nothing more than a smoking gun.

"Green Lantern's" Reynolds and "Gossip Girl" Lively, who have been spotted around Westchester County in recent weeks, were leaving the Bedford residence they purchased earlier this year for a reported $2 million plus when they noticed a suspicious car parked nearby on July 8, according to a police report obtained by TMZ.

The driver followed the couple, prompting Reynolds to file a complaint with the Bedford Police Department, Bedford police said Saturday. Reynolds believes the driver was a photographer, according to the officer who filed the report.

The line that's fueling speculation that the two secretly exchanged vows: "Upon arrival," the officer wrote, "I spoke with Ryan Reynolds and his wife..."

The name that follows the word "wife" was redacted from the report police provided to TMZ, but the gossip website notes Reynolds and Lively have been frequently photographed together in the local area, and they were spotted in Bedford this week.

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The report contains a second reference, this time without a redacted name, to "Mr. Reynolds and his wife..." The police source said the officer who took the report may have assumed the two were husband and wife.

Bedford police declined to comment as did the Bedford Post, the luxe Richard Gere-owned inn in Bedford. The official word from the inn when contacted by Newsday: "I'm sorry. I can't give you that information."