Hundreds of terrified Peruvian fans of One Direction were crushed and nearly 50 needed medical attention Sunday when the crowd lost control and rushed the stage during the band's concert in Lima.

Several people are still being treated for symptoms of asphyxia and abnormal breathing, reports the DailyMail.

Following the disastrous incident, makeshift tents were used as emergency pop-up medical centers. Additionally, an emergency evacuation plan was put in place by the head of Peru's volunteer fire service, Mario Cassareto.

"We put in place a second evacuation plan so that the younger fans were not affected," he said in a statement. "We're working with the police and the security companies , 911 and VIP."

And Justice for all

The silver screen is about to get seriously superpowered as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman join forces with director Zack Snyder for Warner Bros.' Justice League movie. "It will be a further expansion of this universe," Greg Silverman, the studio's president of worldwide production, told The Wall Street Journal. "Superman vs. Batman will lead into Justice League."

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