Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are so over -- they've reached the breakup stage where they are ready to return personal items to each other, can exclusively reveal.

However, there are two things they share that appear to be more difficult to divide: their dogs Bear and Bernie, forcing the former couple to ask their friends to mediate! Rob, 27, and Kristen, 23, have been broken up since May, and it looks like there is no going back for the iconic "Twilight" couple. Now they have the awkward task of getting back their stuff from the other, and they are using their friends to figure out how to deal with their precious pooches.

Hayek looks half her age

Salma Hayek looks gorgeous in her new cover shoot for the July issue of InStyle magazine. The 47-year-old actress doesn't look a day over 20 in her new cover shoot for the July issue, where she gushes about pleasing her husband and what it was like turning 40. "I'm not really a fashionista," she tells the magazine. "I have an eye. I can pull it together, but a lot of the effort I make is for my husband, because I want him to be attracted to me."

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