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Gregg ‘Opie’ Hughes, Anthony Cumia reunite on air after 2 years

Anthony Cumia, left, and Greg

Anthony Cumia, left, and Greg "Opie" Hughes speak at a SiriusXM event in April 2014. The radio duo have not worked together since Cumia was fired from their joint show that year over racist tweets. Credit: Getty Images for SiriusXM / Cindy Ord

Call it a radio reunion — sort of.

“Opie & Anthony” were reunited on Wednesday afternoon as former shock jock partners Gregg “Opie” Hughes and Anthony Cumia spoke for 36 minutes on Hughes’ new SiriusXM satellite radio afternoon program, “Opie Radio Show.”

The duo has not spoken for two years and three months since Cumia was fired from SiriusXM in July 2014 after making racial comments on Twitter.

Hughes, who grew up in Centerport, went to take some calls and picked up one from “HG from Long Island.” A familiar voice said, “Is this the Opie show?” Hughes instantly knew who it was and said, “This is a little weird . . . a little weird.”

Cumia, who lives in Roslyn Heights, noted that his brother Joe and Hughes’ brother Brett were “conspiring to get us in the same room.” Cumia was calling from his own video podcast, “The Anthony Cumia Show.”

Then Cumia, who has gone through domestic struggles including a December 2015 arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, put it out there saying, “I’d be open to getting together and have a little chit-chat. Keep it light, reacquaint ourselves.”

Hughes has received heat from fans for not sticking up for Cumia when the latter was fired. He point-blank asked his former partner, “Do you honestly think I didn’t stick up for you?”

Cumia admitted, “Yeah, I didn’t think you went to bat as a guy that did radio with somebody for 20 years would have went to bat. I never heard one inkling that it happened. I never thought you gave it a good shot.”

Hughes explained that he gave it “a fair shot” and talked about just how much management screamed at him.

“I felt the separation was already beginning before that incident,” Hughes said. “I thought we kind of needed a break. We were barely talking.”

The entire segment sounded like a therapy session laced with humor. Although there was sincerity in dealing with personal issues, it appeared they missed each other.

The conversation ended amicably with Cumia promising to text Hughes who in turn said he’d “keep an open mind.”

The most telling part of show was when Hughes hung up and said, “That’s chemistry, man. I miss that!”

An O&A reboot? Stay tuned.

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