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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Eric Dane says he’s doing OK after bout with depression

Eric Dane in Season 3 of

Eric Dane in Season 3 of "The Last Ship." Photo Credit: TNT / Doug Hyun

Eric Dane opened up Monday about his battle with depression, which caused him to take a hiatus earlier this year from his show “The Last Ship.”

“I’d dealt with depression throughout my life,” Dane, 44, who has publicly discussed his condition, said on NBC’s “Today.” “It was always manageable and I just felt like everybody kind of feels a little blue. But this just hit me like a truck. I had to take some time off — I went away, I took care of it, and I’m feeling great.”

Dane, who played Dr. Mark Sloan for six years on “Grey’s Anatomy” and stars as Capt. Tom Chandler on TNT’s post-apocalyptic drama “The Last Ship,” explained he took time off from the show in April because “I was dealing with some depression, which was kind of odd to me. I felt very conflicted about it because I didn’t really feel like I had anything to be depressed about. And now I take a medication called Pristiq, which I thought just sounded like a good mood. And the depression’s gone,” he said, adding, “I’m doing OK.”

Pristiq, made by Pfizer, is a brand of the antidepressant desvenlafaxine, which balances levels of the brain chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine.

“You’ve got to listen to your body,” Dane said. “It’s a very serious thing. And . . . I felt very conflicted because I couldn’t figure out what I was depressed about. But it’s very real. And that was a scary thing, when you wake up and you’re like, ‘I don’t want to get out of bed.’ . . . I was, like, seeing these doctors thinking that there was something physically wrong with me, because I’d never felt like that.”

Dane’s representative had said in a statement on April 30, that, “Eric asked for a break to deal with personal issues. He suffers from depression and has asked for a few weeks of downtime and the producers kindly granted that request. He looks forward to returning.”

Production on “The Last Ship” resumed after Memorial Day, with Season 4 scheduled to premiere Aug. 20.

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