Fox News anchor and commentator Harris Faulkner has filed a federal lawsuit against the toy manufacturer Hasbro, saying the company's Harris Faulkner hamster doll illegally appropriates her name and persona.

Faulkner, 49, a six-time Emmy Award-winner, said in a filing in New Jersey District Court on Monday that Hasbro included the plastic miniature animal in its Littlest Pet Shop line in 2014. The dolls are sold at retail and "have also been included in McDonald's Happy Meals more than once," the suit reads.

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Hasbro never sought permission for use of her name and persona, Faulkner says in the filing, noting that as a journalist she cannot endorse commercial products. "Further," the suit reads, "Hasbro's portrayal of Faulkner as a rodent is demeaning and insulting."

Faulkner seeks damages of $5 million. Hasbro did not respond to a Newsday request for comment.