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Harry Styles' naked photo sets Twitter ablaze

Selley snapped a photo of Styles watching boxing as he posed playfully on a red leather sofa. As he looked into the camera, Styles gave a peace sign. Maybe it was laundry day?

The photo was shared and favorited more than 16,000 times, according to the Daily Mail, but has since disappeared from Selley's Twitter account.

This isn't the first time that a photo of Styles in a state of undress has popped up. On May 9, during a One Direction concert in Brazil, Styles was snapped when he pulled down his pants on stage to show a tattoo that said Brazil.

Lucy's country 'Road'

"Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale dropped her country-pop album "The Road Between" Tuesday, and she's following Taylor Swift's example to dis on her exes in song. "There are some digs in the album for sure," says Hale in an interview with Flare magazine. "Taylor's untouchable. She made country quote-unquote 'cool.' And she made it OK to talk about your problems. And be vulnerable. And talk [expletive] about your ex-boyfriend. That's so fun! Everyone wants to do that."

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