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Harvey Weinstein slapped by restaurant patron, video shows

Harvey Weinstein, pictured on Jan. 8, 2017, reportedly

Harvey Weinstein, pictured on Jan. 8, 2017, reportedly declined to call the police after he was struck. Credit: AP / Invision / Chris Pizzello

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein, who was fired from The Weinstein Co. in October following reports that documented decades of sexual harassment and allegations of rape and abuse, was slapped by a patron at an Arizona restaurant Tuesday night.

In a video posted Wednesday by, Weinstein, 65, and what the website identified as his sober coach are leaving Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa in Scottsdale when a dark-haired young man approaches Weinstein. The sober coach, a bald, goateed man in a black crew-neck shirt, puts his hand in front of the camera ineffectually, telling the person shooting, “Don’t, don’t, don’t do that, man. Don’t do that.”

As he does so, the young man in background, whose right hand is touching Weinstein, gives the producer two quick backhanded slaps on the cheek with his left hand. Weinstein reacts in surprise and momentarily starts to lose his footing, and the young man then begins unleashing a string of profanities, ordering Weinstein to leave.

“And what would you do about it,” the bald man taunts the younger one, who releases more invective. The camera then follows Weinstein and the sober coach at a distance as the two approach the parking valet in a covered corridor.

TMZ said the dark-haired man, who gave his name only as Steve, had earlier approached the dining Weinstein for a photo with him. Steve said Weinstein became belligerent, though the restaurant manager told TMZ the producer was “very sweet about it” and said, “I’d rather not take a picture right now.” Weinstein and Steve shock hands, said the manager, and both resumed dining.

As both parties got up to leave around 9 p.m., Steve, who confessed he had had “quite a bit to drink,” asked his friend to shoot a video of the ensuing confrontation.

TMZ said the person shooting asked if Weinstein wanted to call the police, though this does not appear on the video. Weinstein declined, the website said.

Weinstein’s representative Sallie Hofmeister told The Arizona Republic in an email that TMZ’s report was accurate and had no further comment.

Weinstein reportedly is undergoing rehab at the exclusive Meadows center in Wickenburg, Arizona.

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