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Hilaria Baldwin revisits cultural heritage issue

Hilaria Baldwin on Friday took to her Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin on Friday took to her Instagram account to address her cultural heritage. Credit: John Nacion / STAR MAX / IPx

In her first social-media post since Dec. 27, Hilaria Baldwin, wife of actor Alec Baldwin, is again addressing the online controversy that came after a Twitter user posted more than 50 tweets accusing her of claiming Spanish heritage despite being born and raised in Boston.

"I've spent the last month listening, reflecting, and asking myself how I can learn and grow," author and "Mom Brain" podcaster Baldwin — whose American family has lived on the Spanish island of Mallorca for nearly a decade and spent considerable time there previously — wrote on Instagram Friday. "My parents raised my brother and me with two cultures, American and Spanish, and I feel a true sense of belonging to both," she said, reiterating comments she made in an online video in December.

Baldwin, 37, has never stated she was born in Spain but has expressed affinity for the Spanish culture in which she was partly raised. She speaks Spanish and English, the latter with a Spanish accent on rare occasions, and uses the Spanish version of her given name, Hillary.

"The way I've spoken about myself and my deep connection to two cultures could have been better explained," she conceded in her statement Friday. "I should have been more clear and I'm sorry. I'm proud of the way I was raised, and we're raising our children to share the same love and respect for both."

Hilaria and three-time Emmy Award winner Alec Baldwin, 62, who was born in Amityville and raised in Massapequa, have five children, aged 5 months to 7 years old. The family has been living in the Hamptons during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Being vulnerable and pushing ourselves to learn and grow is what we've built our community on," Hilaria Baldwin concluded, "and I hope to get back to the supportive and kind environment we've built together." The post did not allow comments.

Alec Baldwin did not separately comment on the issue over the weekend, though on his own Instagram account he reposted the photo that accompanied his wife's missive, that of the family lying contentedly on a carpet in their home.

In her December post following the contretemps, Hilaria Baldwin wrote, "I've seen chatter online questioning my identity and culture. … I'll reiterate my story, as I've done many times before. I was born in Boston and grew up spending time with my family between Massachusetts" — where she graduated from the high school The Cambridge School of Weston in 2002 — "and Spain. My parents and sibling live in Spain and I chose to live here, in the USA. We celebrate both cultures in our home — Alec and I are raising our children bilingual, just as I was raised."

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