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65° Good Afternoon

#HowOldRobot guesses LI celebs' ages

Steve Buscemi is only 57 years old, but

Steve Buscemi is only 57 years old, but Microsoft's How-Old.net thinks he looks 70. Photo Credit: AP/Charles Sykes

Microsoft's How-Old.net tells you how old you look by analyzing your photo.

Engineers working with Microsoft's new face detection software set up the website for testing this week, initially hoping that around 50 people would try it out and send back feedback, according to Microsoft's Machine Learning blog.

How-Old.net exceeded their expectations quickly, and within a few hours over 35,000 people had visited the website.

The site doesn't always guess your age perfectly, and when it's off, it's hilarious. We tried out photos of some famous Long Islanders to see how old they really look - at least according to #HowOldRobot.

Mobile users can click the link above to see more.

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