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Hugh Jackman injured by 'flying hat' during 'Music Man' rehearsal

Hugh Jackman explained how a recent injury to

Hugh Jackman explained how a recent injury to his nose occurred during rehearsals for "The Music Man" on Broadway.  Credit: Getty Images / Tracey Nearmy

Two-time Tony Award winner Hugh Jackman, currently in rehearsals for the upcoming Broadway revival of "The Music Man," is explaining to fans how he recently injured his nose.

"People have been making a couple of comments to me lately, like, 'Have you had another biopsy on your nose? What happened to your nose?' " the X-Men film star, 53, said in an Instagram video Tuesday. Jackman has had multiple cancerous skin growths removed from his nose over the years. While tossing around an old-fashioned, flat-crowned hat called a boater, part of his stage wardrobe, during the video he went on to say, "Well, the truth is, this thing is like a weapon and it hit me literally in the face and sliced me on the nose. So, 'The Music Man' may well turn into that James Bond movie — what was the character? Oddjob?" he asked jocularly, referring to the murderous henchman played by Harold Sakata in "Goldfinger" (1964), who threw a lethal, steel-rimmed hat.

In accompanying text on his social-media post, Jackman wrote, "Note to those seated in the first 5 or 6 rows at The Winter Garden Theater during my run in @musicmanbway … Please be on the lockout for a flying boater."

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