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Jennifer Aniston wants to try the 'taco cleanse,' actress tells Yahoo

Jennifer Aniston is interested in trying 2016's new

Jennifer Aniston is interested in trying 2016's new diet fad, the "taco cleanse." Credit: AP;Amazon

Jennifer Aniston wants to live in a world where you can eat tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- and still be considered healthy. One of 2016’s newest diet trends, known as the “taco cleanse,” is about to make that dream world a reality.

“The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life,” is a vegan diet plan in which -- you guessed it – you get to eat tacos for every meal for 30 days straight.

Aniston first discovered the new diet fad in an interview with Yahoo and instantly needed to know more.

“I’m riveted [by the Taco Cleanse]. I can see that being something,” Aniston said.

Yahoo says she stopped the interview to Google the diet, came across the book where the trend originated and ordered it instantly.

Aniston isn’t the only one the new diet has intrigued. Taco lovers have taken to social media to share their excitement about the fad, which may actually have significant health benefits, the book’s authors claim.

And if not, at least you’ll “wake up in the morning with new enthusiasm,” eager to eat your breakfast taco, the book’s website says.



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