She earned a best actress Oscar nomination for 2010's "Winter's Bone" and went on to star in the blockbuster "The Hunger Games," but Jennifer Lawrence nonetheless keeps her profession in perspective.

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"Not to sound rude, but [acting] is stupid," Lawrence, 22, says in the new issue of Vanity Fair. "Everybody's like, 'How can you remain with a level head?' And I'm like, 'Why would I ever get cocky? I'm not saving anybody's life. There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I'm making movies. It's stupid.' "

The actress added that, "I call my mom sobbing all the time . . . dealing with the repercussions of having no more anonymity. You lose privacy," she said of fame. "As much as this is a curse, as stupid as it sounds, to make as much money as I am by doing something that I love, it's hard not to regret it when you're being chased by 15 strangers."