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Jennifer Lopez and Drake fuel dating rumors on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Drake embrace in a photo

Jennifer Lopez and Drake embrace in a photo posted to their Instagram accounts. Credit: Jennifer Lopez via Instagram

We lost Brangelina in 2016, but could DrayLo usher in 2017?

A photo of rapper Drake, 30, and singer Jennifer Lopez, 47, cudding has started rumors that the two are dating.

The photo of the pair embracing was shared on both Drake and J. Lo’s Instagram accounts last night. The two already blew up the internet earlier this month after Drake attended two of Lopez’s shows in Las Vegas.

The Instagram photo, which has garnered over 2 million cumulative likes on the performers’ accounts, has caused fans to take to social media to express their mixed feelings.

“Drake and JLo are dating and I don’t know who to be more jealous of,” wrote Wadupsteph on Twitter.

“I don’t want to live in a world where Drake and JLo are a thing,” wrote Twitter user DigitalKara.

“If Drake and JLo are really dating, I’m going to cry,” wrote Twitter user UrbanDoll.

Other users aren’t convinced the photo means the two are dating, but possibly that they are working on music together.

"Drake and JLo music is like a dream come true for me," wrote Twitter user @___It'sJB

“JLo and Drake, really? This is a publicity stunt, right?” tweeted Cheryl Lewis-Thurab.

“Drake and Jlo are just doing this to promote their new music,” wrote Twitter user Mxlory.

Rihanna has since unfollowed Drake and Lopez on Instagram, causing fans to speculate that Lopez’s relationship with Drake is genuine. She and Drake were the center of another public romance rumor this year after they shared affectionate moments together during onstage performances. 

Some, however, still feel loyalty to Rihanna.

“I want to love Drake and JLo but I just can’t get over AubRih,” wrote Twitter user @Lu_nahh. (“AubRih” is the name Drake and Rihanna fans have given the couple.)

“I love Drake and JLo but I will forever be team Rihanna,” wrote Megxmeany on Twitter.

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