Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Jenny McCarthy fires back at Shia LaBeouf

Jenny McCarthy slammed Shia LaBeouf on "The View" Tuesday for his Twitter rant calling her ex-boyfriend, Jim Carrey, a bad dad. Jenny defended Jim after Shia accused him of abandoning his daughter, Jane. She was also livid that Shia brought Jane into their "feud," which developed after Jim poked fun at Shia during the Golden Globes Sunday. "It's like you can attack [me], but don't bring my children into it." While presenting, Jim joked about Shia's recent admission that he had plagiarized one of Daniel Clowes' graphic novels for his short film "" "At least I don't get arrested for indecency on major LA highways! Or abandon love child's," Shia tweeted afterward, and accompanied it with a video of Jane and her band. He later removed the tweet and apologized to Jim.

The Ke$ha factor

Though Fox has yet to decide on a fourth season of "The X Factor," Hollywood Life has heard that the show's return looks "very promising." Simon Cowell is reportedly eyeing Ke$ha to replace Demi Lovato on the judges' panel.

Can absence really make Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson's hearts grow fonder? Go to and let us know.

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