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Jim Breuer mocks Marilyn Manson’s Paramount show

Jim Breuer, seen here on Sept. 27, 2016,

Jim Breuer, seen here on Sept. 27, 2016, kicked off his Paramount residency Saturday night by targeting Thursday's Marilyn Manson show at the venue. Credit: Getty Images / Noam Galai

Comedian Jim Breuer wasted no time addressing the elephant in the room when he kicked off his new residency at The Paramount in Huntington on Saturday night.

“Well, I can guarantee you this. Tonight is going to be longer than the Marilyn Manson show,” said Breuer, 50, a native of Valley Stream. “That poor guy. . . . Oh God. That was a disaster!”

Breuer referred to the venue’s Thursday night concert when Manson, 49, headlined a shortened show that found the shock-rocker off his game and his fans enraged, chanting for refunds. The concert was originally scheduled for Oct. 3, 2017, and was postponed to Feb. 15 after Manson broke his right leg in two places when a set piece fell on him at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan.

Breuer joked about excited fans gearing up for the Manson concert by putting in fake contact lenses evoking the singer and coloring their hair. He imitated Manson stumbling about the stage and mumbling into the mic with his back to the crowd. Breuer then portrayed a confused fan in the crowd asking, “Is this part of the show?”

“The part of it that cracked me up is how do you not know after like 45 minutes, ‘Yeah . . . no . . . this is the show,’ ” said Breuer.

Mocking Manson, Breuer parodied him turning away from the crowd and saying, “You people are nothing! I’m not even going to show you my contacts.”

Breuer then strutted about the stage as Manson and quipped, “He’s probably going all night, ‘They don’t know who I used to be. I was a rock star! You don’t get it, Long Island.’ ”

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