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Jimmy Fallon talks ‘bro biking’ with Justin Timberlake in the Hamptons

Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon, left,

Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon, left, and Justin Timberlake ride a tandem bike in the Hamptons over Memorial Day weekend, in a video Timberlake posted to his Instagram account. Credit: Instagram / Justin Timberlake

“The Tonight Show” host, Jimmy Fallon, has offered some details about the Hamptons bicycling video he and his good friend Justin Timberlake posted over Memorial Day weekend, and which has garnered nearly 2.5 million views.

“Well, I had fun,” Fallon, 42, explained on his late-night talk show Monday, following a week off. “I hung out with our pal Justin Timberlake,” the 10-time Grammy-winning singer-actor and longtime friend. “He’s great. I love him.” The video showed the two riding a two-seater bicycle together in the Hamptons, and yelling, “Bro biking!”

Fallon explained that Timberlake and his actress wife, Jessica Biel, were “in town so we hung out at my house. And . . . I have a tandem bicycle my wife” — producer Nancy Juvonen, a partner with Drew Barrymore in Flower Films — “got me for . . . my birthday, I think. She got me a two-seater bicycle, so a bicycle built for two, so that we could cruise around, me and my wife.”

However, he went on, “And then we had a baby. And so that’s out of the question. . . . We can’t take the baby on the thing.” The couple have two daughters, Winnie, who turns 4 next month, and Frances, 2. “So, every time Justin visits the house he wants to take out the bike, the tandem bike. . . . I have it in my garage for when Justin Timberlake comes,” Fallon added half-jokingly. “I’ve never ridden the bike with my wife, no. Maybe one quick time. . . . But he came down so we went bro biking.”

Timberlake, 36, posted a 34-second video on May 27 that opened on a close-up of him in sunglasses and a backward baseball cap, saying, “God! Just biking through the Hamptons. It’s so beautiful.” He then begins to pay attention to a bicycle bell that has been sounding. “Wait, wha--?” he asks in mock surprise as the camera pulls back to reveal Fallon, who yells, “Bro biking!” Timberlake then yells the phrase himself. The remainder of the clip shows the two going back and forth across the screen.

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