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Joaquin Phoenix says he was joking about engagement announcement on 'David Letterman'

Joaquin Phoenix on

Joaquin Phoenix on "Good Morning America" on Dec. 9, 2014. Credit: ABC / Fred Lee

"Inherent Vice" star Joaquin Phoenix conceded on two morning shows Tuesday that the story he told late-night host David Letterman Monday about having gotten engaged to his yoga instructor was a joke.

"I did not play a prank on him; he knew that I was joking around," Phoenix, 40, gamely told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on "Live! With Kelly & Michael."

"But you said that you were engaged to your yoga instructor?" Ripa persisted.

"Did I say that?" Phoenix replied lightheartedly. "I didn't see the show; I have no idea what I said." When an amused Strahan asked if he even did yoga, Phoenix answered, "No, I don't."

Earlier that morning he had explained to George Stephanopoulos on "Good Morning America" that, "I think, like, my life's so boring, and so it seemed like it was something exciting to talk about. And, like, I just want the audience to like me and they really like people that are getting married. So I just -- I thought I would say I was getting married!"

When Stephanopoulos asked, "So you're going to bum out our audience here on 'GMA' and tell them you're not getting married?" Phoenix responded, "I can get engaged again, if you'd like!"

On "Late Show with David Letterman," the three-time Oscar-nominee had told a convoluted story about getting injured doing yoga with his instructor, even as Letterman repeatedly expressed skepticism. "This is the crazy part of the story: We started dating," Phoenix eventually told him. "And I think she's the one. I proposed to her and she said yes."

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