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John: Gays 'second-class' citizens in U.S.

Sir Elton John is "fed up" with being a treated like a "second-class citizen" in the U.S.

That's why the 63-year-old gay singer said he took a stand last week during a performance at a private Beverly Hills fundraiser for the ongoing legal challenge to California's gay marriage ban. The outspoken British piano man, who became a parent to a baby boy on Dec. 25 with partner David Furnish, added that "as I get older, I get more angry about it."

"In this country, we need more dialogue," he said during an interview on Friday. "We . . . need people to say, 'OK. I'm straight. You're gay. Let's get along. I'm Republican. You're Democratic. Let's work together.' I'm sick and tired of people being hateful to each other in this country."

John disappointed some gay rights activists after California's Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage passed in 2008 when he said he had no desire to marry and was satisfied with his civil partnership in England. But on Wednesday he praised the effort to overturn Proposition 8 and vowed to do all he could to support it, even though he is British.

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