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Johnny Depp calls Donald Trump ‘a brat’ during university talk

Actor Johnny Depp, seen accepting an award on

Actor Johnny Depp, seen accepting an award on Feb. 4, 2016, in Santa Barbara, Calif, criticized presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday, March 12, during an appearance at Arizona State University. Credit: Getty Images for Santa Barbara International Film Festival / Mark Davis

Actor Johnny Depp, who spoofed Donald Trump in a satirical Funny or Die video last month, took aim at the Republican presidential contender again Saturday during a talk at Arizona State University.

In a roughly two-minute portion of the discussion “Finding the Creativity in Madness,” sitting alongside ASU physics professor Lawrence Krauss, Depp drew laughs from the audience when he said that in order to portray Trump, “I approached . . . [the role] as what you kind of see in him when you really watch him. . . . There’s a pretense. There’s something creative about him in the sense of bullydom. But what he is, I believe, is a brat.”

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise star, 52, went on to say he took delight in “the absurdity of where his sentences might travel,” and gave his impression of the New York real estate mogul’s staccato style of speaking: “Because you know — I mean, really, no, no, so, no. Because everything is mine. Even if I don’t own it.”

Depp also imitated the late President Ronald Reagan, saying, “You’ve got Reagan who . . . back in the day [said]: ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!’ Donald Trump: ‘I’m going to build a wall in Mexico! OK, no, no. A fabulous wall. Sensational, sensational wall. And all of my billions are not going to have to pay for it, no really, because you know, Mexico is going to pay for it.’ ”

A report Sunday in the college’s newspaper, The State Press, made no mention of the Trump digression, a video of which was posted at The livestreamed discussion was part of ASU’s Origins Project, which Krauss directs.

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