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Judy Greer talks new movie 'Men, Women & Children,' celebrity photo hacks, more

Judy Greer attends the premiere screening's for FX's

Judy Greer attends the premiere screening's for FX's "You're The Worst" And "Married" at Paramount Studios on July 14, 2014 in Hollywood, Calif. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jason Kempin

Figures. Her memoir, "I Don't Know What You Know Me From," only came out in April, and now, of course, everybody knows that they know Judy Greer from the Netflix revival of "Arrested Development" and the new F/X series "Married" and the animated "Archer" and those indelible Sprint commercials where her husband is a hamster and she's made "Tacos!" a catchphrase. And soon you'll know her from the movies "Tomorrowland," "Jurassic World" and "Ant-Man."

After a career stretching to 1997 -- with more than 50 films and starring roles in at least four sitcoms -- Greer, 39, is suddenly everywhere. Born Judy Evans, the daughter of a suburban Detroit mechanical-engineer dad and a hospital-administrator ex-nun mom, she borrowed her mother's maiden name when there was already a Judy Evans in SAG.

Now playing the enabling mom of a high-school girl with a risqué website in "Men, Women & Children," Greer spoke with Newsday contributor Frank Lovece.

There's an animated GIF online of you, playing Mom in the "Frobinson Family" Sprint commercials, exclaiming, "Tacos!"

I did not know that!

Did you do a lot of takes, try it different ways?

Well, it was not really my idea or in the script -- it was just something the director, Stacy Wall, shouted out to me when we were working, which is always when I find the best stuff happens. He said, "Say tacos! Like you're really excited to be having tacos!" So that's what I did and then it kind of caught on. And now people are always like: "Say tacos!" Now I'm known for it almost as much as I'm known for "Say goodbye to these!" from "Arrested Development."

You also play a mom in "Men, Women & Children," a movie that's surprisingly scolding about the Internet -- about tweeting, Tumblr, playing online games.

Ummmm, I kind of agreed with it; I have [stepchildren] that age, and I've been feeling that way myself. When I saw the script I thought it was a very important story to tell and I think there's, like, different levels of problems with the Internet, in what it's doing to kids and adults. I think there are a lot of awesome things about the Internet, too, so maybe they're equal. But it really can be a little scary, and when you have children it can be really hard to keep track of what your kids are doing.

Were you one of the actresses whose, um, intimate cellphone phones got hacked from the cloud?

No, I don't think so. It's possible I was and the person who did it was like, "God, there's nothing here." That's more likely the case, unless they're really into looking at carpet samples and potential light fixtures I might hang over my dining room table. So I don't think I got hacked. Should I be offended by that?

You're in "Ant-Man." Everybody's got a story about getting cast in a Marvel movie, where you might not even know what role you're playing until after you're hired.

It was a pretty basic audition. They wouldn't release the script, but I auditioned on tape based on two scenes we were given -- scenes that may or may not be in the movie; they could just be fake scenes they wrote -- and then I got a call that I'd been cast. What's funny is that the wardrobe department called me to ask for my measurements and they said, "So let's talk about your character. What do you see her wearing?" And I had to say, "I can't, sorry, because I don't know anything about her. I haven't read a word of the script." I mean, you get cast in "Ant-Man," you don't really ask any questions, right? [She chuckles.]

And of course, you're the indelible Cheryl on [FX's animated] "Archer," the most dry-humor show on TV.

Isn't "Archer" the best? It's so good, I know! I'm so proud of it. Cheryl started out as a little bit of a sad sack, pining for [superspy] Archer, and then I think the story is that the character was only supposed to be in the pilot. And then they cast me and expanded the role -- which was very nice of them to do -- to make her a series regular.

Animation actors usually record by themselves, without the other cast members. Have you met them?

Well, I have gotten drunk with them at events for F/X, so I do know that they exist.

F/X seems like a network you'd want to get drunk with, y'know?

It is! Every party. It's so fun!

CBS doesn't seem like that.

No, it's not. Trust me.


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