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Justin Bieber hit by object on stage in Brazil

Singer Justin Bieber performs at The Staples Center

Singer Justin Bieber performs at The Staples Center on in Los Angeles. (June 24, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

Justin Bieber released his new single "Bad Day" at midnight early Monday morning, but the teen pop star had been having a bad day all weekend.

Saturday night at a concert in São Paulo, Brazil, Bieber, who had started the show an hour late, cut it short when he was hit by an object thrown from the crowd. The Brazilian website Ego, part of the country's Rede Globo telecommunications conglomerate, reported he then dropped his microphone, angrily left the stage, and did not return despite fans' entreaties. One dancer picked up the microphone while others onstage seemed uncertain over what was happening before leaving as well.

E! News Monday said it was a water bottle that had hit his hand, and that Bieber, 19, was unharmed. Video of the incident was posted on YouTube.

Bieber himself linked to a video of a subsequent incident at his show the following night in Rio de Janeiro, in which a shirtless fan near the end of the concert ran up from behind the dancers to hug the shirtless performer. Three security guards grabbed the youth and forcefully ushered him off the stage. "I thought that was an extra dancer!" Bieber told the crowd. "I didn't know what the hell . . ."

Meanwhile, more "bad news" for Bieber: ABC News reported that as of 6 a.m. Monday, singer Katy Perry had surpassed Bieber as the most-followed person on Twitter, with her 46.5 million followers overtaking Bieber's 46.49 million. Bieber first took the crown nine months ago after accumulating more followers than Lady Gaga, who is currently third.

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