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Justin Bieber made racist remarks in second video

Justin Bieber performs at Bercy Arena in Paris

Justin Bieber performs at Bercy Arena in Paris on March 19, 2013. Credit: AP / Francois Mori

For the second time in a week, pop star Justin Bieber has been confronted with a racist video he made while in his midteens.

Following his apology on June 1 for a newly public, 5-year-old video in which Bieber told a racist joke involving African-Americans, a second video shot when he was 14 shows him singing a parody of his song, "One Less Lonely Girl" using a racial slur. He also jokes about joining the Ku Klux Klan.

Bieber's representatives told Wednesday that they wanted the second video's presence known so that Bieber could take responsibility for his actions. TMZ and the British tabloid The Sun had each obtained a copy.

TMZ said Bieber, 20, had told his mentor, R&B singer Usher, and his friend, actor Will Smith, years ago about this second video, and that he had realized quickly he had crossed a serious cultural line. Usher took him aside and showed him historical racist videos to help educate him on the sensitive topic, TMZ said.

The website added that over the years, Bieber has been the target of extortion attempts concerning the two videos, including a request two months ago for $1 million not to release the one with the racist joke. TMZ said the demand -- later dropped to $500,000, which Bieber's reps still refused, leading to the video's release -- came from an attorney for a man who had worked on one of Bieber's video projects, and who copied the video from the hard drive of Bieber's own private computer.

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