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Justin Bieber's sexy transition

Justin Bieber stripped down to nothing but red boxer briefs and a pair of zebra-printed pants, which were nearly down to his knees, while in concert in Nashville, Tenn., on Friday! After getting dumped by Selena Gomez, 20, it appears that Justin is doing everything he can to get her attention -- including stripping down in concert regularly. According to a new report in Us Weekly, a source close to Justin, 18, says that the stripdowns are also part of his larger effort to shake up how his fans view him. "Justin wanted to change his image around his 18th birthday last March," the insider says. "Justin wanted to move from being pop-py to sexy."

Pattinson's fun breakRobert Pattinson seems to be having a lot of fun in Australia! Rob, who is down under to film his new movie "The Rover," proposed a trial separation to girlfriend Kristen Stewart before he left, and sadly it looks like he is not missing her. Rob, who partied in Adelaide's Zhivago bar on Sunday, seems to be very busy having fun with his guy friends. Is this exactly what he needs to do on his break from Kristen?

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